The Veneto is renomed from always for the quality of the handicraft production of art furniture.
Mobili d’Artre Treeffe s.n.c. is present in this field from beyond a quarter of century with its experience and the quality of its products and work are on Italian market that on foreign country.

The handicraft working of its production is inspired to designs and carvings resumed from furnitures originate them.
The production comes guaranteed with the card produced like produced in Italy, polished to water finish to wax and shellac; the furnitures are decorate with mural and ecological paintings.

Years of ezxperimentation to catch up a perfect balance between tradition and technology, without the end product would become a perfect wprk, but lacking in that vital heat that only love for the tradition knows to give





Collezione "Luxor"
Collezione "Roma"
Collezione "Venezia"
Collezione "Verona"




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